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Terms and conditions of use

Definition: is a technological platform that allows connection between doctors and patients wherever they are and at any time, with safety and quality. will offer the following services to its customers:

Access to the database of doctors registered on the website;
Videoconference system for communication between the client and the doctor;
Payment system for services provided to the doctor through PayPal.

1. Cancellation and refund of the amount paid

Payment for medical care is made by the customer in advance of the start of care, either on call or by appointment. If the customer is unable to attend the service on call or with the chosen professional due to unavailability, he / she can request the return of the amounts, otherwise the amount will not be returned and a service will be available for a future date. In case of return, all fees that were charged in the financial operation of the card manager will be deducted from the amount. To request the return of the amounts paid, the customer must send an email to

In the event of the occurrence of any technical problem from the provider that impairs the quality or makes it impossible to perform the service, it will be rescheduled at no cost to the customer.

2. Failure of the patient to attend

If the customer makes the appointment and does not show up at the scheduled time, the credit will be debited from the customer’s account and the amount of the medical care will be passed on to the doctor who made the appointment available and waited for the agreed period in the system.

3. Failure by the doctor

In case the Doctor does not show up at the scheduled time, the credit will be returned or may be used to schedule a new medical appointment. In this case, we ask that you send us the e-mail with the record of what happened so that we can contact the doctor and check the reason for not showing up and make the rescheduling.

4. Change in the hours of medical care

The client will be able to change the time of the medical consultation free of charge up to 12 hours before the scheduled time begins.

5. Requesting a doctor’s appointment

After the client requests a medical consultation with the chosen professional, the doctor will receive a message through the system where he must confirm or not this service. After the doctor’s acceptance, the client will be informed by e-mail and it will be up to him to make the purchase of the available time.

6. Procedures

6.1 Internet access

Access to the Internet is the sole and exclusive responsibility of the client and Médico24hs disclaims any responsibility for the unavailability caused by problems of the person responsible for connecting the website to the Internet network.

6.2 Internet connections and speed

For the session to be carried out smoothly within our website, it is important that the customer has a good internet speed.

6.3 System maintenance reserves the right to carry out any maintenance on its systems, aiming at improving the quality of the service provided. If there is a need to suspend services on a scheduled basis, will notify all its customers in advance.

6.4 Using a camera and headset

For the performance of videoconferencing calls, it is necessary to use a webcam (camera), microphone and headset, which are the customer’s responsibility. To avoid problems during service, we advise the user to carry out tests to verify that the equipment is working satisfactorily.

6.5 Using the 24h Doctor on tablets and cell phones

The customer will only be able to make the call through Tablets or Cell Phones (Smartphones) using the Android operating system.

7. Information Security

All information generated in medical care is the responsibility of the physician who must maintain the confidentiality of the information and follow the Code of Medical Ethics in force in Brazil. Médico24hs does not keep any record of the information generated in online medical care.

Even the Médico 24hs guaranteeing the confidentiality of all information transferred within the website, we warn that the exchanges of information made through the internet are not considered totally safe, where there are always risks involved. Doctors protect patient information, following the professional Code of Ethics, however our customers must take great care with the security of the data on their device. We recommend customers not to use public computers, delete conversation histories and use an ANTIVIRUS program.

8. Login and Password

The customer will be responsible for the correct use of his login and password, which are personal and non-transferable.

9. Copyrights and Image

The client is prohibited from recording any medical care